Bicycle Motor  Hub Motor Brushless Motor Electric Bike Kit, Smart Pie 4

CZPTMotor Programmable ! New Version! Sensible Pie 5! CZPT bicycle package / E bike kit / CZPT conversion kit/ hub Motor 24V/36V/48V 200-400W
24V/36V/48V 250W/750W/1000W Do it yourself regenerative braking E-bicycle motor kit

Essential features:
1.thirty% higher climbing Torque
(Max: >70N. M)
2. Straightforward replaceable Interior controller with upgraded mosfets, No more messy wiring with new created-in controller
three. Greater heat dissipating with Self-Cooling Admirer, removing 60% warmth
4. H2o-evidence integral wiring established with Silver plated Plug-pins for easy link
5. Improve Mosfet with 35A continuous existing
six. Dual handle mode for sensor and sensorless
seven. Multi-Voltage settle for 24V/36V/48V
8. Regenerative braking
nine. Cruise speed manage
ten. Pc programmable
eleven. Ahead/Reverse CZPT


one) How much can I go?
The single most widespread question about EBikes is, how considerably can I go?
Somewhere among 36 and seventy three kilometres on flat floor.
A lot of elements may even move this number decrease or higher.
The system to calculate battery energy is as follows.
Multiply the Voltage by the Amp Hours and divide by the Wattage of hub and you get the time it will final
If running entire throttle.
As a result, a 36v500w hub with a 36v16ah battery would be. 36v x 16ah / 500w = one.152 hrs of total
Throttle procedure. 32kph instances 1.152 = 36.684k So at entire throttle you would go over 36 kilometres,
If your optimum pace is 32 kilometres an hour (the authorized ebike restrict in Canada) you would go in excess of
36 kilometres in length.
However if you are on flat floor it only normally takes about 250 watts (about half throttle),
To sustain a pace of 32 kilometres 36 x sixteen / 250 = 2.304 hours of 50 % throttle operation.
2.30 several hours at 32 kilometres per hour is 73.6 kilometres, So on perfectly flat floor with a light-weight rider
And bike and no wind or halting and beginning you go over 73 kilometres and if you pedal.

2) What is included in an Ebike Conversion Kit?
one- Motorized Wheel (hub motor mounted in a rim)
two- Motor Controller (Possibly created in the wheel or provided with kit)
3- Throttle with LED battery electrical power indicator (Thumb or Twist)
four- Brake levers (to reduce the motor and interact Regenerative Braking)
5- Manage change (Two button for Cruise, lights, and so forth)
6- All wires and plugs nessasary to put in package on your bicycle
What Else Might I need?
one – Freewheel and/or removal device
2- Battery and potentially a rack to set it on.
3- USB cable to plan the motor controller on a home windows primarily based Laptop

three) How to get sample and why will not you ship samples by sea.
You can acquire samples form our sellers in your nation or acquire from us.
Wholesale price cut will be returned back as soon as you turn out to be our vendor.
Shipping charge by sea looks more affordable, but a quite substantial port fee will be requested to pay when you decide up
Them on the sea port. Which total charge is much a lot more expensive than Categorical.

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NO Merchandise CZPT Motor                                          Magic Pie Sequence Motor  Other Brand name Motors Edge and disadvantage
one Built-in structural design Built-in motor with constructed-in controller   motor with exterior controller simple set up with bulit-in controller, save set up area and lessen wring fault for e-bike, the e-bike appears simple. easy maintainance 
two Reduction equipment brushless and gearless gear When e-bike overloads or climbs, the equipment is effortless heating with deformation. Then gear ware will result in the tooth fracture and motor can not operate.
Gear framework will bring sound, low efficiency and brief selection.
3 Multi-voltage open up voltage(24V-48V) only one particular voltage: 24v or 36v or 48v the voltage of the battery is proportional to the revolution of the motor.
As the the magic pie sequence motor is geearless, it has no put on and tear. Besides, when creating, the multi-voltage are taken into thought and the motor can operate successfully underneath distinct voltage. So the person can enhance the velocity and energy charge by changing the battery to adapt to the various driving terrain and load.
4 Multi-output power charge and speed Magic pie iii& ii motor: 250W – 1000W                                                Sensible pie motor:                         200W – 400W  250W If you want to upgrade the electricity and speed of the e-bicycle, just substitute the battery. i t is pointless for you to  replace the motor and controller.
five Cooling and Radiating Built-in cooling supporter no cooling fan  In accordance to scientific tests and consumer encounter, excellent thermal has a excellent impact on the the reliability and performance of  the motor and controller.
Built – in cooling supporter can quickly diserse the sixty% heat generated by the motor, greatly bettering the overall performance and reliability of the motor and controller. The advantage seems seemingly when climbing the lengthy slop.
six Hefty existing dealing with capacity 30A 15A As the  controller utilizes higher – top quality, large – capacity energy components, it can handle the  momently weighty-recent output, enhancing  the accelerated overall performance and climbing potential of electric vehicles and drastically reducing the burned possibilty of motor and controller below the impact of heavy recent.
7 Programmable CZPT Controller Programmable Non-programmable Specialist users or dealers can programm the controller via  USB to Pc so that you can adjust and improve the digital manage parameters. Then the e-bicycle will be safer and far more relaxed when riding. Riders can get pleasure from the more time range and  the life span.
8 Regenerative braking Obtainable unCZPT Magic pie collection motor has the distinctive and dependable regenerative braking perform.
When breaking, the motor gets the generator. it can crack rapidly and effortlessly and let the inertial kinetic strength to become  electric power charging the battery. With this special perform, rider will enjoy the secure and comfortabel journey and  more time assortment. When downhill, it also re-cost the battery and decelerate.
9 Overheat and
Accessible unCZPT When the e-bicycle overloads and climbs  the lengthy slope beneath high temperature, motor and controller is simple to in excess of-heating.
Controller of magic pie motor has the bulilt -in sensor which can detect the internal temperature. If it beyonds the
  the allowable temperature, the controller will timely quit the power provide to the motor and  shut down the method keeping away from the injury. Consumer will re-start off the e-bike after the ebike cools naturally. The controller will detect the temperature once more. If the temperature is decrease than the the set defense worth, the motor will work again. This function will minimize merchandise failure costs and defend the client ‘ s property.
10 Plug-and-enjoy integration harness, wires exit from mid of shaft      Waterproof, anti- improper, plug-and-enjoy navy standard connector harness. Comfort, aesthetics, and trustworthy. User-replaceable, and significantly lessen the after-revenue services.   Other manufacturer motors use less costly loose connetors, wires exit from hollow shaft stop which can minimize wires/cables simply in the course of transportation, or when the ebikes drop down to floor at the facet.
11 Commonality  Commonality Dedicated The extremely-thin wheel hub design satisfies for most standard bicycle (entrance wheel (100mm) / rear wheel (135mm) )set up. Diy modifications is CZPT. it supports disc breaks and transmissions. Electricity fee and the speed of the motor can be programmable to abserve the local regulation. it is universal. (Notes: Chinese 250W, EU 250W, 750W, 500W, Canada, Australia, 200W)

Bicycle Motor  Hub Motor Brushless Motor Electric Bike Kit, Smart Pie 4