M100 Small Size AC Electric Motor Speed Control Frequency Converter

      M100 Tiny Dimension AC CZPT Motor Speed Manage Frequency Converter For CZPT Belt

one. Specifications

Type Enter Voltage   Power Output Motor(KW) Body(DIM)
Output  Voltage (KW) Current (A)
M100-2S0.4GE 220V 1ph 50Hz 220V 3ph .four two.5A .4   Size 1
M100-2S0.75GE .75 five.0A .75
M100-2S1.5GE one.5 7.0A 1.5
M100-2S2.2GE 2.2 11A 2.two
M100-2S4.0GE 4. 17A 4. Dimensions two
M100-2S5.5GE 5.five 25A five.5
M100-4T0.4GE 380V 3ph 50Hz 380V 3ph .4 one.2A .four    Size one
M100-4T0.75GE .75 2.5A .75
M100-4T1.5GE one.5 four.0A one.five
M100-4T2.2GE two.two 5.0A two.2
M100-4T4.0GE 4 eight.0A four   Size 2
M100-4T5.5GE 5.five 12A 5.five
M100-4T7.5GE seven.five 17A 7.5

2.Brake Device and Brake Resistor

Inverter Brake unit
Brake resistor
Voltage Potential
Manner Dosage Manner CZPT Dosage
One particular Phase
.four Selection one preset 100W/150Ω 1
.75 Alternative one preset 100W/150Ω one
one.5 Choice 1 preset 400W/100Ω 1
2.2 Selection 1 preset 600W/100Ω 1
4 With/in one preset 500W/40Ω 1
five.5 With/in 1 preset 500W/30Ω one
.four Choice one preset 100W/750Ω 1
.75 Selection 1 preset 100W/750Ω one
1.5 Selection one preset 260W/400Ω one
two.2 Option one preset 260W/250Ω 1
4 With/in 1 preset 500W/150Ω one
five.five With/in 1 preset 500W/100Ω one
7.five With/in one preset 780W/75Ω one

three Indicator Lamps
Description of M100 Series Indicator Lamp Standing

Indicator lamp Position Description
FOR on The motor is in CZPT rotation.
REV on The motor is in reverse rotation.
HZ on Displaying set frequency or output
A on Exhibiting output existing.


four.Label Data

five.Variety Difination:

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M100 Small Size AC Electric Motor Speed Control Frequency Converter