Y2 IEC High Voltage Induction Asynchronous Squirrel Cage AC Compact Motor for Cement Sugar Oil Gas Marine Metal

IEC Higher Voltage Induction Asynchronous Squirrel Cage AC Compact Motor for Cement Sugar Oil Gasoline Marine Metallic

CZPT description
Y2 Sequence medium dimension substantial voltage three-section asynchronous motors (Body No.355-560) mounting demensions and tolerance are coincident with China regular GB755,CZPT CZPTal committee regular IEC34-1and equipment-job specifications JB/T/7593 JB/T1571.1 and so on.
The ingress safety grade for motor shell is IP54 in accordance to GB4942 and IEC34-5normal. Also we can provide other ingress safety grades in accordance customer’s requirement.
The cooling approach is is IC411 according to GB/T1993 and IEC34-six normal. For the other cooling technique, also can provide in accordance reuirement.
The construction and mounting design is IMB3 (horizontal foot mounted). This is in accordance with GB997 and IEC34-7 normal .

Structure specification       
The stator with outer-press-assembly composition is adopted. Stator is made of F-quality insulation and corona evidence material. A specific banding technological innovation is used for winding finish part fastening. The whole stator is taken care of by VPI with F quality insulation technologies. By this implies motor will have very good and reliable insulation residence and moisture evidence, anti-inpact ability.
The rotor can be developed into two modes casting aluminum and copper bar rotor. Casting aluminum rotor is casted with pure aluminum which is dependable in operation and will do not have the phenomenon of rotor conductor to be damaged up. The motor’s rotor copper conductors and conclude rings undertake intermediate-frequency welding when the rotor is copper-cage rotor. The rotor copper conductors are showcased by large reliability through working with tightening craft in trough.

The Implication of the symbol
       Y2   500   1  –  4
                                  4 poles
                                   No.one iron size
                                   Centre top(mm)
                                   Squirrel cage rotor a few-period asynchronous motor


  • Body measurements: 355-560                 
  • Rated output: 185-1600kW
  • Insulation class: F                    
  • Degree of defense: IP54
  • Enclosure: IC411                      
  • Rotor: Squirrel cage                   
  • Voltage: 6Kv, 10Kv                    
  • Mounting: Horizontal

The stator with outer-push-assembly composition is adopted stator is created of F-quality insulation and corona proof content, a particular banding methods is utilized for winding finish element fastening. The complete stator is treated by VPI with F grade solution technology, by this indicates motor will posses good and dependable insulation home and moisture proof, anti-effect functionality.

Perfect for driving all types of common machinery, this sort of as water pump, admirer, compressor and and so on.

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Y2 IEC High Voltage Induction Asynchronous Squirrel Cage AC Compact Motor for Cement Sugar Oil Gas Marine Metal