Yej2 Series Electromagnetic-Brake Electric Motor with CE


Gear motor
Certification&colon IS09001-2008
Electrical power&colon &period12kw-355kw
Pole&colon 2 4 6 eight 10
Speed&colon 3600-600

Item&colon Y Series&lparIP54&rparasynchronous induction motor

Function and utilization

Y series a few phase electric powered motor is developed in conformity with the appropriate needs of IEC and DIN42673 expectations&period of time It really is entirely enclosed and enthusiast-cooling 3-stage squirrel cage induction motors&comma obtaining outstanding efficiency&comma this kind of as high effectiveness&comma vitality-preserving&comma high starting torque&comma minimal sound&comma minor vibration&comma dependable procedure and effortless routine maintenance&comma and many others&period of time
Y collection motors are commonly utilized in many areas&comma in which there does not exist flamable&comma explosive or corrosive gasoline&comma and CZPT any specific needs&comma these kinds of as device resources&comma pumps&comma followers&comma transportation equipment&comma mixer&comma agriculture machinery and meals equipment&comma and so forth&period

Motor Performance

Body sizes&colon 63-315 2&rpar Rated energy&colon &period12-200kw
Rated voltage&colon 220&sol380v&comma 380&sol660v
Frequency&colon 50Hz&comma 60Hz
Protection class&colon IP44&comma IP54
Insulation course&colon B&comma F
Supplies&colon Forged iron&comma aluminum &lparFRAME 63-160&rpar
EFF&colon EFF3&comma EFF2&comma EFF1
Poles&colon 2&comma four&comma 6&comma eight
Cooling strategy&colon IC411 &lpartotal-enclosed fan-cooled variety&rpar
Mounting kinds&colon IMB3&comma IMB5&comma IMB35&comma IMB34&comma IMB14
Running manner&colon S1
Relationship&colon “Y” kind for 3kW and downwards&comma “D”kind for 4kW and upwards
Ambient temperature&colon -15C < θ < 40C
The altitude need to be lower than one&comma 000m
Relative humidity&colon Not higher than ninety&percnt
Special motors can be developed according to
Internal packing&colon
Body sixty three-112&colon Foam containers
Frame 132-315&colon Wooden containers

Ordering Informations

one&time period Make sure you indicate the motor type&comma rated output&comma rated voltage&comma rated frequency&comma synchronous pace&comma Explosion evidence Mark&comma mounting type&comma rotation course&lparview from the shaft extension side&rparUse of the setting&lparindoor or exterior&rparIf the consumer havn’t point out the rotation and atmosphere&comma normailly we think is CW roration and utilized indoor&time period
2&period When user have special requirments&comma For instance&colon Dispose the stator&comma bearing explosion proof and bearing temperature sensors&comma place heater&comma Plateau use&comma specical frequency&comma mounting measurement alter&comma particular output&comma the consumer need to&comma order can be confirm soon after signing the technical settlement with engneering department&period of time
3&period of time The catalogue is only fpr reference&comma and there may possibly be variations&interval
4&time period This variety of motor can also be produced into Variable-Frequency motors&comma the selection of frequency of which is -100HZ&comma the output and all round dimensions should be confirm independently&period of time

Motor Efficiency

    Ambient Temperature&colon -15°C~40°C

    Altitude&colon not exceed a thousand Meter

    Rated Voltage&colon 380V or any voltage in between 220-760V

    Rated Frequency&colon 50Hz&sol60Hz

    Defense Class&colon IP44&comma IP54&comma IP55

    Insulation Class&colon B&solF

    Cooling Strategy&colon IC0141

    Doing work Obligation&colon S1&lparContinuous&rpar

    Humidity&colon Reduced than 90&percnt

    Relationship&colon CZPT-link for up to 3kW&semi Delta-link for 4kW and previously mentioned

Framework Description
Y2 sequence ac induction motor mounting particulars&colon

Schematic diagram
mounting type B3 B35 B5 V1
mounting Discribtion body with ft&commaend-protect CZPT flange frame with ft&commaend-shield with flange body CZPT ft&commaend-shield with flange body CZPT feet&commaend-defend with flange
Suited body H63-355 H63-355 H63-280 H180-355

Y2 series motors are completely enclosed fan chilly&lparTEFC&rpar&time period five&periodbearing kind-desk 2 table 2

Horizontal vertical
motor frame DE side N-DE aspect DE side N-DE facet
sixty three 6201-2RZ&solZ2 6201-2RZ&solZ2 6201-2RZ&solZ2 6201-2RZ&solZ2
seventy one 6202-2RZ&solZ2 6202-2RZ&solZ2 6202-2RZ&solZ2 6202-2RZ&solZ2
80 6204-2RZ&solZ2 6204-2RZ&solZ2 6204-2RZ&solZ2 6204-2RZ&solZ2
90 6205-2RZ&solZ2 6205-2RZ&solZ2 6205-2RZ&solZ2 6205-2RZ&solZ2
a hundred 6206-2RZ&solZ2 6206-2RZ&solZ2 6206-2RZ&solZ2 6206-2RZ&solZ2
112 6206-2RZ&solZ2 6206-2RZ&solZ2 6206-2RZ&solZ2 6206-2RZ&solZ2
132 6208-2RZ&solZ2 6208-2RZ&solZ2 6208-2RZ&solZ2 6208-2RZ&solZ2
a hundred and sixty 6209-2RZ&solZ2 6209-2RZ&solZ2 6209-2RZ&solZ2 6209-2RZ&solZ2
a hundred and eighty 6211&solZ2 6211&solZ2 6211&solZ2 6211&solZ2
two hundred 6312&solZ2 6312&solZ2 6312&solZ2 6312&solZ2
225&lpar2P&rpar 6312&solZ2 6312&solZ2 6312&solZ2 6312&solZ2
225&lpar4-8P&rpar 6313&solZ2 6212&solZ2 6313&solZ2 6312&solZ2
250&lpar2P&rpar 6313&solZ2&solZ2 6313&solZ1 6313&solZ2 6313&solZ1
250&lpar4-8P&rpar 6314&solZ1 6213&solZ1 6314&solZ1 6313&solZ1
280&lpar2P&rpar 6314&solZ1 6313&solZ1 6314&solZ1 6313&solZ1
280&lpar4P&rpar 6317&solZ1 6313&solZ1 6317&solZ1 6313&solZ1
315&lpar2P&rpar 6317&solZ1 6317&solZ1 6317&solZ1 6317&solZ1
315&lpar4-8P&rpar NU319 6319&solZ1 NU319 6319&solZ1
355&lpar2P&rpar 6319&solZ1 6319&solZ1 6319&solZ1 6319&solZ1
355&lpar4-8P&rpar NU322 6322&solZ1 NU322&solZ1 6322&solZ1



Yej2 Series Electromagnetic-Brake Electric Motor with CE